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An Appeal -

According to the ancient Gurukula system, it is our belief that education, food and basic medical care should be given free of cost. We are happy to state that for the past 24 years, the Gurukulam has been patronized by different sections of society. In this context, we solicit the support of Philanthropists, organizations and well-wishers to help us uphold and spread the light and knowledge of the shastras. The Gurukulam wholeheartedly welcomes and acknowledges any monetary, material and academic assistance.


SponsorshipsAmount (`)
Sponsoring a student for his entire stay in the Gurukulam3,00,000/-
Sponsoring a student for a year30,000/-
Sponsoring a month expense of the Gurukulam3,00,000/-
Sponsoring one day food per annum for life time1,00,000/-
Sponsoring food for a week45,000/-
Sponsoring food for a day8,000/-
Sponsoring food for an occasion3,000/-
Sponsoring for library maintenance per year60,000/-
Sponsoring for library maintenance per month5,000/-
Donating a cow [Go daanam]40,000/-
Sponsoring monthly fodder for a cow10,000/-
Maintenance of the Dakshinamurty temple for a month15,000/-
Maintenance of environment [Agriculture field, Navagraha Vanam, Dhanvantari Vanam] etc. for a month10,000/-
Gurukulam Welfare fundAbove 25,000/-
All Contributions are exempted from Income Tax under 80(G).
The account details are:
Vedavijnana Shodhasamsthanam Trust
A/c no.- 510101007134830
Union bank, Channenahalli Branch, Magadi Road, Banglore.